Access to healthcare for personal injury patients

ProMed facilitates healthcare services to personal injury patients as well as delivers healthcare providers with needed cash flow by purchasing and/or servicing their outstanding medical lien receivables. ProMed accepts all of the financial risk so that medical providers can be paid upfront for their services, and patients can receive the level of medical care they need.

ProMed quickly monetizes accounts receivable medical liens with the underlying lawsuit as collateral. Our process includes documentation collection, receivable analysis, third party billing and collection, and management of the process from funding to collection. ProMed buys the medical lien or LOP form the healthcare provider and thus eliminates the risk associated with waiting and hoping to collect when the personal injury case settles.

We also provide personal injury attorneys and their clients with Board Certified doctors who specialize in Pain Management, Orthopedics and Neurosurgery on a medical lien or letter of protection basis. ProMed specializes in financing surgery costs within the Personal Injury industry, which include but is not limited to: surgeon fees, facility charges (hospitals/surgery centers), anesthesiology costs, implants (hardware used in surgery) and surgical clearances.

Through our underwriting expertise and experience, ProMed is willing to take that risk. Through our “Forward Flow Program”, ProMed also can act as a third party payer to healthcare providers by agreeing to purchase medical liens before the medical care is provided and funding the provider immediately after it has been performed.

Frequently Asked Questions


With plaintiff funding, ProMed Capital is investing in your lawsuit. We provide you, (the client), with money up front to pay for immediate, day-to-day expenses you might currently have; this is money that you would not see otherwise until your case is settled.

ProMed Capital provides you with an advance on your future settlement, with competitive rates. You pay nothing out of pocket! You pay us back from the settlement amount after the case closes. If you do NOT win your case, you owe NOTHING!

You will know the status of your case and if approved you will have a check in hand within 24 hours of submitting your case to our processing team.

You qualify if a) you’ve suffered a personal injury and b) you have hired an attorney. Once you’ve submitted the details of the case, our team will swiftly decide whether the case has been accepted for an advance. We deal with soft tissue cases as well as surgical cases.

The funds are disbursed conveniently via wire, check, money pick up, or a debit card option. Whichever option is convenient for you, is convenient for us.

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