Increased Revenues and Margins

ProMed realizes the difficulty of evaluating and collecting lien cases in the medical legal industry. With insurance reimbursements continuing to diminish, medical providers need to find other third party payment options just to maintain, let alone increase, their revenues. Providing medical personal injury care opens up an alternative source of revenue that not only pays significantly more than Medicare and major medical insurance, it pays immediately and is guaranteed! ProMed acts as a third party payer for personal injury cases.

By utilizing ProMed’s resources, healthcare providers:

    • Increase cash flow;
    • Receive higher payments for services provided;
    • Eliminate the cost and risk of managing accounts receivable.
    • Broaden their patient base.
    • Receive guaranteed immediate payment and avoid billing headaches
    • Decrease office overhead by reducing processing and verification costs.

As a result of our years of experience managing physician practices and funding, monitoring and collecting medical liens and medical letters of protection, ProMed understands the importance of maintaining the Physician/Attorney relationship. ProMed recognizes that for our relationship with the physician to continue, we must make sure that the physician’s relationship with his attorney must continue. Strengthening and preserving such relationships, has facilitated the rapid growth of ProMed and helped establish its reputation.



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