Get Medical Treatment for PI Clients

When you have a client who has been injured in an accident and is unable to obtain medical attention due to lack of insurance coverage, ProMed provides the solution. As personal injury lien funding specialists, we make it easy for physicians and healthcare facilities to accept these patients. Our personal injury lien funding program offers a simple, fast solution that quickly underwrites the case and works directly with you throughout the process. We specialize in funding surgical procedures and can get your client the surgery he needs. We have a list of quality personal injury treatment surgeons and surgery facilities in your area that are willing to accept this type of funding. Our program covers the fees for physician consultations, surgery, surgical centers, hospitals, diagnostic procedures, physical therapy and pain management, without any upfront costs to your client

Medical lien funding is all we do, and we do it with a very high level of professionalism. In addition to providing fast approvals that help your clients get the care they need in a timely manner, we’ll also work closely with you throughout the process, providing any input that you need in a timely manner as well. Because we have handled so many cases we understand your needs, and will work hard to meet them.

Need plaintiff funding for your client?

ProMed Capital offers a quick, easy method to obtain financial help for your clients who need it most. Zero hidden fees, a 24 hour underwriting and funding process, and conveniently disbursed funds to your client via wire, check, money pick-up, or debit card option. We take pride in making this process work best for you and your client.



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